A day in Portovenere

A day in Portovenere

If you are cruising in the Mediterranean and La Spezia is one of your ports of call take a chance to visit the most beautiful and charming village of the bay, Portovenere.

A medieval village, not far from La Spezia, easy accessible by boat or by bus directly from your cruise terminal. This charming village is well worth the visit, a Unesco World Heritage site, furthermore part of the Regional Park of Portovenere and the Islands. Its picturesque harbor has brightly colored houses, medieval alleyway lead up the tourists  up to the Doria Castle. At the very end of the promontory the Church of St.Peter welcomes you with a breathtaking view.

Wether for a day or just for a couple of hours you will enjoy your stay in Portovenere. Discover the village with your private native local guide, learn more about its history, its culture and its power of attracting poets and writers from all over the world.

Special packages available for cruise passengers. Tailor-made tours starting just in front of the pier in La Spezia.

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